International Cooperation for
Geographical Information Science Education

(co-funded by European Commission under Asia Link Prog. ASI/B7-301/98/679-025)

INTRODUCTION (click here for full details)

The Asia-Link Programme was launched at the beginning of 2002 as an initiative by the European Union (EU) to foster regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions in European Union Member States and South Asia, Southeast and China.

InterGIS was a multi-partner project (No. ASI/B7-301/98/679-25) fostering International Cooperation for GIScience for GIScience Education among the institutions if higher education in European Union and South Asia.

The project was initiated by the UNIGIS-based group of European GIS-labs.

The project duration was 2 years from 1st May 2003 to 30th April 2005.


The InterGIS project had two main objectives:
  • Developing standard GIS CURRICULUM
  • TRAINING teachers and post-graduate students at the partner institutions as well as from other institutions


 Coordinator Institution
 - Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS), University of Salzburg, Salzburg

 Partner Institutions

Centre for the Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
 - Department of Earth Science, Goa University, Goa

 - Spatial Information Laboratory (SPINlab), Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

 - Department of Geography, University of Jaffna, Jafna

 - GIS Centre (SIGTE), University of Girona, Girona

  • an Internationally Standardised CURRICULUM for GIScience Education was developed based on the REVIEW of existing curricula, identification of GIS-NEEDS of the target groups and MARKET POTENTIAL assessment of the topics included in the curriculum.
  • 5 Learning / Training events were organised and more than 250 teachers and Post-graduate students were trained for enhacing their conceptual and practical skills in GIScience education. 
    • 2 Train-the-Trainer Worshops were delivered in Delhi
    • 3 Summer Schools were organised in Salzburg, Amsterdam and Goa.
 Contact: Dr. Shahnawaz, Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS), University of Salzburg, Austria.